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Hey Bestie,

Since starting my business in 2019, Lunar Libra has built a reputation for designing crystal candles that are beautiful and magickal. I pride myself in making high vibrational products that bring you joy from the moment you receive the box on your doorstep. Each candle that ends up in your home is handcrafted with pure intentions and reiki charged for your highest good. 

All About Me

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After leaving the US Air force, I felt lost. Working a 9-5 didn't feel right for me. I need passion, and combined with my PTSD, working in an office left little room for mental peace and authenticity. I started Lunar Libra with the last few hundred dollars in my pocket. It was a risk I took knowing that the Universe would have my back. This is what I want to teach other women. To be fearless in the way they choose their lives and to cocreate it with the Universe. We're told so often to play it safe, it's time to take a chance! It will always pay off. The law of attraction changed my life, and candle magick supercharged my manifestations. I want to teach others to do the same.

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